August Rules Quiz: Led Zeppelin

In this month’s quiz, members of Led Zeppelin, the famous English rock band of the 1970s, need your assistance in making various rulings as they manage to fit in a round of golf in between tour stops.  See if you can identify the issues and make the correct rulings for the following stroke play scenarios which incorporate some of their song titles (in blue italics):


  1. Singer Robert Plant goes to mark his ball on the putting green of the 1st hole of the Kashmir Golf Club and discovers that he has No Quarter to mark his ball. Drummer John Bonham offers him a coin to mark his ball.  Plant thanks him for showing a Whole Lotta Love, but points out that there is an old pitch-mark conveniently located right behind his ball that he can use to mark the location of his ball.


  1. As he is approaching the putting green of the 5thhole, guitarist Jimmy Page watches in amazement as a Black Dog runs across the green, picks up his ball and then disappears Over the Hills and Far Away.” Dazed and Confused, Page sighs, “That’s What Is and What Should Never Be.”


  1. While playing the 7th hole, keyboardist John Paul Jones slices his drive into The Ocean” which is marked as a lateral water hazard. He remarks, What a Heartbreaker!”  “I guess I’ll be Going to California to drop a ball on the other side of this hazard.”


  1. Mid-way through their round, a Rules Official notices that the group is over time par and out of position.After explaining to the Rules Official that it seemed like there were Ten Years Gone (in reality, about 15 minutes) while the group was searching for a lost ball on the previous hole, Jones tells everyone that it is time to Ramble On.


  1. As the group is playing the 14th hole, a sudden downpour makes singer Robert Plant wonder if he is a Fool in the Rain” and where they might need to evacuate When the Levee Breaks. After a temporary suspension of play for the rain by the Committee, Led Zeppelin mistakenly resumes play about two minutes before the siren sounds for the resumption of play.  This Communication Breakdown occurred when they saw another group walking down an adjacent fairway which made them think that the Committee had resumed play.


  1. At the 16th teeing ground, drummer Jon Bonham tees up his ball too high and, as a result, sends his drive nearly straight up into the air. As his ball is rising, he exclaims, “My ball is climbing the Stairway to Heaven.”   After his ball returns to earth and ends up in front of the tee-markers, Bonham picks up the ball and re-tees it within the teeing ground.  This time, he successfully sends the ball down the fairway, and remarks, That’s the Way!”




August 2018 Rules