August Rules Quiz

Actor Adam West will forever be known for his role as Batman (aka Bruce Wayne) in the television series that ran for 120 episodes starting in January 1966. The Batman series quickly became a pop culture phenomenon, prompting the filming of the 1966 movie “Batman” also starring Adam West. Often imitated in subsequent Batman movies, Adam West’s personification of Batman was never duplicated. It is rumored that, long before his passing a couple of months ago, West secretly took on the other actors who have played the movie role of Batman in a series of match-play challenges. See if you can make the correct rulings for the following situations which occurred during those private golf outings. You may assume that a timely claim was made in each situation.

  1. Christian Bale is “1 up” on West upon completion of the 4th hole. Before either player tees off at the 5th hole, West notices that Bale has 18 clubs in his bag. What is the state of the match at that point? (a) West is “3 up.” (b) The match is “all square.” (c) West is “1 up.” (d) West is “4 up.” (e) The state of the match cannot be determined until after completion of the 5th hole.


  1. Both Adam West and Val Kilmer are lining up birdie putts. West is 20 feet from the hole and Kilmer is 4 feet from the hole. West putts while Kilmer’s ball is still on the green. His ball ricochets off Kilmer’s ball and ends up in the hole! He does not cancel and replay the stroke. Kilmer replaces his ball, misses the next putt, and then taps in. What is the result of the hole? (a) West wins the hole. (b) Kilmer wins the hole. (c) The hole is halved.


  1. Adam West and Michael Keaton have approach shots of similar length to a green. With West to play first, his ball ends up 10 feet from the hole. Using a 7-iron, Keaton makes what he believes is a perfect swing, but his ball comes up short in the bunker fronting the green. Perplexed by the result, Keaton asks West what club he just used, and West tells him “6-iron.” Keaton makes a nice “up and down” from the bunker, and West also scores a 4 on the hole. What is the result of the hole? (a) West wins the hole. (b) Keaton wins the hole. (c) The hole is halved.


  1. George Clooney watches Adam West take a drop for an unplayable ball in a bush. Upon completion of the hole, Clooney announces that he scored a 7. West replies that he scored a 7 which includes a one-stroke penalty for an unplayable ball. What is the result of the hole? (a) Clooney wins the hole because West did not inform him (Clooney) of the one-stroke penalty in a timely manner! (b) The hole is halved. (c) West wins the hole.


  1. In the match with Ben Affleck, West and Affleck halve the 10th hole, the 11th hole, and the 12th hole. When Affleck takes the ball out of the hole at the 12th green, he discovers that it is not his ball! Affleck and West figure out that Affleck played a wrong ball after his original ball disappeared into the rough on the 10th hole, and continued to play that same ball on the next two holes. What is the ruling? (a) All three holes stand as played since it was too late for West to make a claim once the players started the 11th hole. (b) Affleck loses all three holes. (c) West wins the 10th hole, but the 11th and 12th holes remain halved.
August 2017 Rules