December Rules Quiz Answers


  1. Your score for the hole is 10 = 4 talent strokes + 6 penalty strokes. Per Decision 11-4b/6 [Ball Played from Outside Teeing Ground Goes Out of Bounds], you are penalized two strokes under Rule 11-4b [Playing from Outside Teeing Ground: Stroke Play]. Because the ball played from outside the teeing ground was not in play, the fact that the ball ended up out of bounds is irrelevant and the stroke itself does not count. You incurred two more penalty strokes when you removed the pine cone, a loose impediment, from a hazard with your ball lying in the same hazard. See Rule 13-4 [Ball in Hazard; Prohibited Actions]. When you failed to replace your ball prior to making your next stroke, you incurred another two-stroke penalty under Rule 18-2 [Ball at Rest Moved by Player …]. See Decision 13-4/15 [Ball in Hazard Moves When Loose Impediment Removed].


  1. Once again, your score for the hole is 10 = 7 talent strokes + 3 penalty strokes. You incurred one penalty stroke in taking relief from the lateral water per Rule 26-1 [Relief for Ball in Water Hazard]. If your ball is outside of the water hazard, you are not entitled to take relief from a water hazard if you happen to be standing within the hazard. Since your ball did not enter the hazard when you dropped it the first time, you were not entitled to pick it up and re-drop it. See Rule 20-2c [When to Re-Drop]. When you mistakenly picked up your ball and did not replace it, you incurred a two-stroke penalty under Rule 18-2. See also Decision 18-2/9 [Ball Lifted Without Authority Dropped Instead of Being Replaced].


  1. This time, your score for the hole is not 10, but 8 = 4 talent strokes + 4 penalty strokes. You were not permitted to lift your ball and drop it away from the post since the post is not an immovable obstruction. Instead, you should have removed the post, a movable obstruction, and then played the ball as it lay as provided in Rule 24-1 [Movable Obstruction]. When you lifted your ball without authority under the Rules, you incurred a one-stroke penalty per Rule 18-2 and you were required to replace your ball before playing your next stroke. When you failed to do so, you incurred a total penalty of two strokes per the penalty statement under Rule 18. See Decision 18-2/4 [Ball Lifted and Dropped Away from Movable Obstruction]. There is a penalty for carrying more than 14 clubs during a stipulated round, but the penalty statement for Rule 4-4 [Maximum of Fourteen Clubs] indicates that the penalty in stroke play is “Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round – Four strokes (two strokes at each of the first two holes at which any breach occurred).” Thus, you incur no penalty strokes for the 7th hole for this breach. On the other hand, two penalty strokes would have been added to your scores for the first two holes of your round. As for the breach of having more than one caddie while playing the 7th hole, you incur a two-stroke penalty for breaching Rule 6-4 [Caddie] which states, “The player may be assisted by a caddie, but he is limited to only one caddie at any one time.” Please note that in either case of carrying too many clubs or having more than one caddie, upon discovery of the breach, you must immediately rectify the situation or you will be disqualified!
December 2017 Answers