December Rules Quiz

The ancient Roman calendar is thought to have been invented by Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome, around 753 BC and, despite its flaws, it remained in effect until about 44 BC. This early Roman year was grossly inaccurate as it only had 304 days! Moreover, their calendar had only ten months with December being the final month. The name of December is derived from the Latin “decem” which was the Roman word for the number ten. In recognition of the fact that December is associated with the number ten, your task in this month’s quiz is to determine whether or not your score for each of the following scenarios is 10, counting all strokes and any applicable penalty strokes.


  1. On the 1st hole, you mistakenly play from outside the teeing ground and your ball comes to rest out of bounds. You then play another ball from within the teeing ground. This drive comes to rest against a pine cone in a fairway bunker.   When you remove the interfering pine cone, you accidentally cause your ball to move ever so slightly. You then successfully play your ball from its new position in the bunker onto the green, and two-putt to complete play of the hole.


  1. On the 3rd hole, your fifth stroke splashes into a lateral water hazard near the green. When you take relief, you correctly drop a ball within two club-lengths of the hazard margin, but the ball rolls down the slope and nearly comes to rest in the hazard. When you take your stance, you notice that your feet are positioned within the hazard, so you re-drop the ball, and this time it comes to rest where you can take your stance without your feet being inside the hazard. You then play an excellent wedge shot onto the green, and one-putt to complete the hole.


  1. On the 7th hole, your second shot ends up in the rough just behind a movable post marking 100 yards to the center of the green. You take relief from the post by dropping within one club-length of, and no nearer the hole than, the post. After playing a wedge to the green, you discover that you have 16 clubs in your bag. At the green, while your first caddie is carrying your clubs, you enlist the temporary help of a second caddie who is the local green-reading expert and he helps your read your putt, which you drain from 60 feet to complete play of the hole!
December 2017 Rules