February Rules Quiz Casual Water

Spring thaws and rains may soon be coming to your neck of the woods. Those conditions might dampen your spirts, so here’s a True/False quiz to whet your appetite for increasing your Rules knowledge regarding casual water. In order to get all the correct answers, you may need to wade deep into your Decisions Book!


  1. You may take relief without penalty if there is interference to the lie of your ball, your stance, or the area of your intended swing by a puddle of water within a water hazard.


  1. Water that overflows and extends beyond the margin of a water hazard is considered to be casual water.
  2. With your ball situated just in bounds, you may take relief without penalty from a puddle of water that is out of bounds if the puddle interferes with your stance.


  1. If you are unable to find your ball that you know came to rest in a large pool of casual water in the fairway, you must proceed under penalty of stroke and distance.


  1. With your ball just off the green, you are entitled to relief from a puddle of casual water on the putting green that intervenes on your line of play.


  1. There is no penalty if your club touches a puddle of water in a bunker so long as you do not ground your club prior to making your stroke.


  1. If there happens to be some unmelted snow on your line of putt, you may take relief for casual water.


8.         Soft or mushy earth is considered to be casual water only if water is visible on the surface before or after you take your stance

February 2018 Rules