February Rules Quiz SUPER BOWL

A couple of days before the big game, quarterbacks Nick Foles of the Philadelphia Eagles and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots sneak out of frigid Minnesota, and jet down to sunny Florida to play a “friendly” match as a way of predicting the winner of Super Bowl LII. They select you to referee the match so you have to make the correct rulings in the following situations. In each situation, a timely claim has been lodged. By the way, at first you suspect Brady of cheating, but you soon realize that he simply doesn’t know the Rules!



  1.   After two holes, Foles is 1 up. During play of the 3rd hole, Foles notices that Brady has 15 clubs in his bag. Foles scores 4 and Brady scores 5 on the hole. What is the state of the match as the players approach the teeing ground of the 4th hole? (a) Foles is 1 up. b) Foles is 2 up. (c) Foles is 3 up. (d) Foles is 4 up.


  1.   At the 4th hole, Brady lies 5, two feet from the hole, while Foles lies 5, eight feet from the hole. Before Foles putts, Brady asks Foles how many strokes he has made. Foles does not reply until after he holes his putt for a 6. Brady makes his putt for a 6, and then makes a claim as a result of Foles’ failure to promptly inform him as to the number of strokes taken. Your ruling should be that: (a) Brady wins the hole. (b) Foles wins the hole. (c) the hole is halved. (d) Foles is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct.


  1. During the 6th hole, Foles shanks an iron and his wayward ball comes to rest out of bounds after striking Brady’s bag which happened to be lying on the ground out of bounds. You should rule that: (a) Foles may replay the stroke without penalty. (b) Foles loses the hole. (c) Foles must proceed under the stroke and distance penalty. (d) Brady incurs a one-stroke penalty, and Foles may replay the stroke.


  1. At the 7th hole, Brady’s ball is on Foles’ line of putt. Pursuant to Rule 22-2 [Ball Interfering with Play], Foles asks that Brady lift his ball. Rather than lifting his ball, Brady goes ahead and putts out of turn. The correct ruling is: (a) Brady loses the hole. (b) No penalty and Brady’s stroke stands as played. (c) No penalty, but Foles may require Brady to replay his stroke in correct order. (d) Brady is disqualified for unsportsmanlike conduct in denying Foles his right to play first.


  1. After Brady marks and lifts his ball on the 9th putting green, he notices that his ball is cut and is unfit for play. Without telling Foles, Brady substitutes another ball. After both players putt out, Brady shows the cut ball to Foles who agrees that the ball is unfit for play. You should rule that: (a) Brady incurs no penalty. (b) Brady incurs a one-stroke penalty. (c) Brady loses the hole. (d) Brady is disqualified.
February 2018 Rules