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  1. True See Note 3 to Rule 25-2 [Embedded Ball] which states, “The Committee may adopt a Local Rule … allowing a player relief, without penalty, for a ball embedded anywhere through the green.”


  1. False See Decision 33-8/8 [Local Rule Providing Relief from Tree Roots] which advises, “… if exposed tree roots are encroaching on to the fairway, a Committee would be authorized to make a Local Rule providing relief … for interference from exposed tree roots when a ball lies on a closely-mown area.”


  1. True See Appendix 1: Part A: 3b [Local Rules: Course Conditions: “Preferred Lies” and “Winter Rules”] which points out that adverse conditions, such as heavy snows, spring thaws, prolonged rains or extreme heat can make fairways unsatisfactory ….”


  1. True See Appendix 1: Part A: 3f [Local Rules: Course Conditions: Stones in Bunkers] which notes, “… stones in bunkers may represent a danger to players (a player could be injured by a stone struck by the player’s club in an attempt to play the ball) and they may interfere with the proper playing of the game.”


  1. False See Appendix 1: Part A: 3d [Local Rules: Course Conditions: Aeration Holes] which states, “When a course has been aerated, a Local Rule permitting relief, without penalty, from an aeration hole may be warranted.”


  1. True See Decision 16-1a/15 [Mushroom Growing on Line of Putt].


  1. False See Decision 33-8/34 [Relief from Divot Holes] which points out that such a Local Rule would modify Rule 13-1 [Ball Played As It Lies] and thus is not authorized.


  1. False Per Decision 33-8/32 [Local Rule for Animal Hoof Damage], a Committee may, by Local Rule, declare damage that is clearly identifiable as having been caused by animal hoofs to be ground under repair, and allow such damage on putting greens to be repaired.


  1. False Per Decision 33-8/32.7 [Local Rule Providing Relief from Excessive Bird or Animal Dung], the Committee may adopt a Local Rule that declares dung that is prevalent on the course to be ground under repair and provide relief under Rule 25-1b [Abnormal Ground Conditions]. Moreover, that Local Rule may also authorize you to use equipment, such as a greens whip, to remove the dung from the line of putt without any penalty applying under Rule 16-1a [Touching Line of Putt] for incidentally pressing something down in the process of removal.


  1. True Decision 13-4/33 [Bunker Covered by Leaves; Player Touches Leaves During Backswing] states, in part, “If accumulations of loose impediments in bunkers, such as fallen leaves, seasonally create an abnormal problem, the Committee may make a Local Rule declaring accumulations of loose impediments in bunkers to be ground under repair.”
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