January Rules Quiz Answers




  1. (c) Decision 13-3/5 [Player Builds Stance But Corrects Error Before Playing Stroke] states, in part, “If a player builds a stance through the use of an object such as a golf cart, stone or brick, he incurs no penalty if he removes the object before playing his next stroke.”


  1. (b) Decision 24/9 [Artificially-Surfaced Road or Path] points out that, “A road or path to which any foreign material, e.g., concrete, tar, gravel, wood chips, etc., has been applied is artificially surfaced and thus an obstruction.”


  1. (e) The words “par” and “bogey” appear in the Decisions on the Rules of Golf in the context of types of stroke play competitions. The word “par” also appears occasionally to denote the par for a hole, e.g., a par 4.


  1. (c) Decision 14-2/0.5 [Meaning of “Elements”] advises, “Elements include sunlight, rain, wind, snow and other weather conditions.”


  1. (d) The word “bunker” is always used instead of “sand trap.” The word “flagstick” is always used instead of “pin.”   The phrase “teeing ground” is always used instead of “tee box.” Decision 24/12 [Wooden or Earthen Steps] indicates that “Steps which have been cut into a steep bank but which have not been covered with any artificial material such as wooden planks are not obstructions.”


  1. (c) Decision 1-4/11 [Meaning of “Dangerous Situation”] notes that plants such as poison ivy, cacti, and stinging nettles do not constitute dangerous situations. Decision 1-2/10 [Player Wraps Towel Around Self or Places Towel on Cactus Before Taking Stance] indicates that it is permissible for a player to wrap a towel around himself to protect himself from cactus needles. However, it would be a breach of Rule 1-2 for altering physical conditions it the player placed a towel on a cactus for protection. Mushroom is mentioned in Decision 16-1a/15 [Mushroom Growing on Line of Putt]; tumbleweed is mentioned in Decision 18-1/6 [Ball at Rest Moved by Blowing Tumbleweed]; and moss and creepers are mentioned in Decision 13-2/37 [Status of Moss or Creepers in Tree].


  1. (a) For “banana,” see Decision 23/4 [Fruit Skins]; for “orange,” see Decision 23/10 [Ball Embedded in Fruit], and for “pear,” see Decision 23/3 [Half-Eaten Pear]


  1. (i) There are numerous occurrences of the words “marker,” “spectator,” and “referee” in the Decisions on the Rules of Golf. The word “coach” appears in three Decisions, the word “friend” appears in two Decisions, and the word “forecaddie” appears in the Definitions and in one Decision. The words “parent” and “sibling” are found in Appendix I Part B regarding the Committee’s ability to restrict whom a player may select as his caddie.
January 2018 Answers