July Rules Quiz: THE OPEN Part 2

The scenarios in this month’s quiz are not hypotheticals!  They actually occurred this past week at the Carnoustie Golf Links in Carnoustie, Scotland during the 147thedition of The Open.  See if you would have made the correct rulings for these particular competitors contending for the Claret Jug.


  1. During the first round, after Emiliano Grillo marked and lifted his ball on the 4thputting green, he tapped down his ball-marker with the sole of his putter. Shortly thereafter, he discovered that his ball-marker was adhering to the bottom of his putter!  What is the ruling?  (a) Without penalty, Grillo must replace his ball or his ball-marker as near as possible to where his ball or ball-marker was positioned prior to the marking or lifting of his ball.  (b) Grillo incurs a one-stroke penalty for moving his ball-marker.  (c) Grillo incurs a two-stroke penalty for moving his ball marker.  (d) Since the spot from which the ball-marker was moved can only be estimated, Grillo must drop his ball as near as possible to that spot.


  1. During the second round, the ball of Matt Wallace came to rest on the fringe of the 13thhole. Subsequently, one of his fellow-competitors, Padraig Harrington, played from a greenside bunker causing sand to be deposited around Wallace’s ball.  What is the ruling?  (a) Wallace may remove only the sand that was deposited on the putting green. (b) Wallace must drop the ball within one club-length of, and no nearer the hole than, the nearest point of relief. (c) Wallace may brush away the sand around his ball provided he does not cause his ball to move.  (d)  Wallace may mark and lift his ball and clean the sand from his ball, in addition to removing any of the sand deposited on the fringe or the putting green by Harrington’s bunker shot.


  1. The 4thand 14thholes at Carnoustie share a common putting green that is nearly 80 yards long! During the third round, Thomas Pieters approach shot on the 4thhole came to rest on the double green so far away from the hole that he asked if he could use a club other than his putter to play his next stroke from the putting green.  What is the ruling?  (a) Pieters was required to use his putter since his ball was on the putting green. (b) Pieters could use an iron to pitch or chip his ball on the putting green provided he could do so without damaging the putting green.  (c) Pieters could leave the flagstick in the hole only if he decided to use an iron to pitch or chip his ball on the putting green.  (d) Pieters was on a wrong putting green and was required to take relief by dropping off the putting green.  (e) None of the above.
July 2018 Rules