July Rules Quiz

In this month’s quiz, you are about to cross off your “bucket list” playing a round of golf at TPC Sawgrass. You are nearly there, but you have yet to play the infamous island green par-3 17th hole. See if you can determine your score for this hole in each of the following scenarios. Keep in mind that the bulkhead surrounding the island green is an integral part of the course, and the yellow water hazard line has been painted only a couple of inches inside of the bulkhead.


  1. Understandably, you are rather nervous and you forget to put your ball on a tee. You “chunk” your first stroke and your ball lands in the water well short of the green. Fortunately, you are able to compose yourself and, after teeing up another ball within the teeing ground, you make a hole-in-one with your next stroke!


  1. As shown in the adjacent photograph, your tee shot ends up in the fringe just outside of the hazard. When you take your stance, you discover that the heel of your back foot is on the bulkhead. You decide to take relief from the bulkhead by dropping your ball within one club-length of, and no nearer the hole than, the nearest point of relief. You proceed to chip your ball into the hole with your next stroke!


  1. Miraculously, your tee shot ends up at rest on the bulkhead without falling into the water after trickling over the back of the green! As you approach your ball, you reach down and pick up a leaf from the bulkhead and toss it into the water.   You then ground your club on the bulkhead in addressing the ball. You chip onto the green and two-putt to complete play of the hole.


  1. Your tee shot ends up near the back of the green, but the hole location is at the front of the green. Unfortunately, your putt down the slope is too strong and your ball ends up in the water. The relief options of dropping on the “flag line” behind the hazard or walking back to the dropping zone would be somewhat embarrassing for you because there is another group already waiting at the teeing ground! Thus, you decide to simply place a ball as near as possible on the spot from which you just putted. You then two-putt to complete play of the hole.


  1. You’ve waited all your golfing life to play this hole, so you are determined to play your tee shot onto the green no matter how many swings it takes! Fortunately, you stocked your golf bag with plenty of balls because it takes seven tee shots before your ball comes to rest on the green. You raise your arms triumphantly when you one-putt to complete play of the hole!


July 2017 Rules