June Rules Quiz

The month of June is named after the Roman goddess Juno, the goddess of marriage and the wife of Jupiter, the supreme god in Roman mythology. With June being the sixth month of the year, the object of this month’s quiz is to “Agree” or “Disagree” that the player’s score for the hole is six (6) in each of the following stroke-play scenarios. If you “Disagree,” you should be prepared to state the correct outcome for the hole.


  1. Upon arriving at the teeing ground of the 5th hole, the player discovers that his caddie hired a youngster to help carry some of the player’s clubs after leaving the 4th green. The player promptly ends this arrangement before teeing off. He then completes play of the 5th hole in four strokes.


  1. The player asks a fellow-competitor to attend the flagstick before he attempts a long birdie putt on a par-5. The player putts, but the fellow-competitor is unable to remove the flagstick because it is stuck in the hole-liner. The player’s ball strikes the flagstick and drops into the hole.


  1. On the way to the 2nd hole, the player discovers that she began her stipulated round with 16 clubs. She immediately takes two clubs from her bag and declares them out of play. She completes play of the 2nd hole in four strokes.


  1. The player’s tee shot on a par-3 ends up against a pine cone in greenside bunker. The player removes the pine cone, accidentally causing his ball to move. The player does not replace the ball, and holes out with his bunker shot.
June 2017 Rules