March Rules Quiz March Madness

Hey Rules fans, it’s “March Madness” time again! No, not the NCAA basketball tournaments that take place this time of year, but rather the fact that you may be going mad trying to figure out the correct answers to the annual quiz issued by the Metropolitan Golf Association. The MGA issues its diabolical 25-question quiz in early-February, and its answers in mid-March. Here are some excerpts from this year’s MGA quiz which can be found at

  1. Players A and B are playing a singles match. The transportation and one ball conditions are in effect. On the first two holes, Player A scores 4, 5; Player B scores 5, 5. After the first hole is finished, but before anyone has teed off on #2, A realizes he has 15 clubs. He declares one club out of play. After teeing off on the second hole, A realizes that he’s done so with a different brand of ball than the one he used on the previous hole. During play of the second hole, A’s caddie rides up a steep hill in a golf cart driven by a spectator. And between play of the second and third holes, B realizes he has been carrying a non-conforming club, which he has not used. He declares it out of play. How does the match stand after each hole? (a) #1 all square; #2 B is 2-up. (b) #1 all square; #2 all square. (c) #1 A is 1-up; B is 3-up. (d) #1 A is 1-up; #2 B is 1-up.


  1. A competitor hits a ball toward a lateral water hazard. After searching for the ball within the hazard for 5 minutes, all competitors agree the ball is in the hazard. The Rules Official agrees. Prior to the player dropping the ball, the ball is found outside of the hazard. As a consequence, the competitor: (a) May drop under Rule 26-1 (a), (b), or (c). (b) Must drop under Rule 26-1 (b) or (c). (c) Must drop under Rule 27-1. (d) May play the original ball found outside the hazard.


  1. Players A and B are playing in a stroke play foursome competition. Player A’s third shot comes to rest 6 inches from the hole. Player B putts and, as his ball passes a few inches past the hole, he purposely deflects it back into the hole. The team tees off on the next hole. What was their score for the hole? (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) The team is disqualified.


  1. A player’s tee shot becomes lodged in a tree overhanging a bunker. Using binoculars, he can identify the ball as his and deems it unplayable. He measures two club-lengths from the spot directly below where the ball was lodged, which is in the bunker, and notices that his drop would still be in the bunker. So the player draws a line from the flagstick to where the ball is lodged and goes back on a line and drops behind the bunker. The player takes three more strokes to hole out. What is his score for the hole? (a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) The player is disqualified for a serious breach.
March 2018 Rules