May Rules Quiz Cinco De Mayo

May 5, the fifth day of the fifth month of the year, also known as Cinco de Mayo, is a Mexican holiday commemorating the Mexican army’s improbable victory over French forces in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.  In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become known as a day of celebration of Mexican culture and cuisine. In this month’s quiz, your task is to determine whether or not (“siorno”) your stroke play score for the hole is  “5”  in each of the following scenarios.


  1. Your tee shot on a par-3 strikes a bird in flight and your ball ends up in a water hazard. After dropping a ball within the available dropping zone and playing it to the green, it occurs to you that you might have been able to cancel and replay your tee shot. You invoke Rule 3-3 [Doubt as to Procedure] and go back to the teeing ground to play a second ball.  Your second tee shot ends up on the green.  You two-putt both the first ball and the second ball into the hole.


  1. Your ball ends up in a greenside bunker after you attempt to drive a short par-4.After entering the bunker, you rake some footprints and also pick up a pine cone in the bunker on the way to your ball.  You then place you golf bag in the bunker prior to deciding which club you will use. You play a great bunker shot that ends up near the hole, and you one-putt to complete play of the hole.


  1. On a par-3, your tee shot ends up in a water hazard in front of the green.You elect to play again from the teeing ground.  However, you carelessly tee up and play your ball just in front of the tee markers.  Your next tee shot comes to rest 6-inches from the hole, and you tap it in to complete play of the hole.


  1. Your tee shot on a par-3 ends up on the line of putt of a fellow-competitor who asks you to move your ball-marker one putter-head to the right.When it becomes your turn to play, you forget to relocate your ball-marker to its original position before putting your ball which ends up just short of the hole.  As you walk to your ball, it occurs to you that you failed to relocate your ball-marker before replacing your ball, so you pick up your ball and place your ball on the estimated spot where your tee shot came to rest.  You then make your next putt to complete play of the hole.


May 2018 Rules