November Rules Quiz

It has been revealed by a very unreliable source that The Beach Boys often played golf while vacationing with friends in the Florida Keys back in the 1960s. See if you can identify the issues and make the correct rulings for the following stroke play scenarios which incorporate some of their song titles (in italics):


  1. As they arrive at the Kokomo Country Club, Al Jardine remarks, “I’m Waiting for the Day when I’ll finally feel some Good Vibrations with my irons. Until that time, I Get Around by using only two clubs, a 48” driver and an 18” driver. I expect to be doing that All Summer Long.”


  1. A golf cart shaped like a Little Deuce Coupe, full of California Girls and blaring out Rock & Roll Music, rolls by just as Mike Love attempts to drive from the 1st teeing ground. Due to the distraction, his driver just grazes his ball and knocks it off the tee. Thinking, “God Only Knows I get to Do It Again,” Love replaces his ball on the tee and, absent any distractions, drives it right down the middle of the fairway.


  1. Brian Wilson’s tee shot on a par-3 ends up in a deep greenside bunker, and he exclaims, “All I Wanna Do is get out of Here Today!” After ten failed attempts to get his ball out of the bunker, he exclaims, “Help Me Rhonda!” and says, “This much sand reminds me of being on a Surfin’ Safari.” He then determines that the only way he can get out of the bunker is by deeming his ball unplayable.


  1. At the par-4, 409-yard 5th hole, Carl Wilson imagines, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice to get over the intervening water hazard and reach the green in two,” so he gives it a try. His ball lands just short of the green and rolls down into the hazard, causing a few ripples in the water. He jokes, “Surf’s Up,” before he goes forward to take relief on the green side of the hazard by dropping a ball within two club-lengths of where his ball rolled into the hazard.


  1. Dennis Wilson slices a drive over a low boundary fence, and the ball comes to rest on the deck of the Sloop John B docked beside a beachfront property. He moans, “That’s just Wonderful!” Upon arriving at the house, Barbara Ann tells him, “I Can Hear Music so Don’t Worry Baby, I know who lives here and you can have Fun, Fun, Fun playing your ball from their boat!”


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