October Rules Quiz: Then & Now


Continuing with the series of “Now & Then” articles comparing the Rules as they currently exist with the Rules that will come into effect on January 1, 2019, this quiz will test your ever-increasing knowledge of the forthcoming Rules.  For each of the following statements, answer “Now” if you believe that the statement applies only to the current Rules; answer Then if you believe that the statement applies only to the 2019 Rules; answer Both if the statement is correct under both versions of the Rules; or answer Neither if the statement is not valid under either the “Now” or “Then” Rules.




  1. The hole must be 4¼ inches (106 mm) in diameter and at least 4 inches (101.6 mm) deep.


  1. You are not permitted to repair spike marks on your line of putt.


  1. The time allowed to search for a lost ball is three (3) minutes.


  1. When taking relief from an immovable obstruction, you may substitute a ball only if the original ball is not immediately recoverable.


  1. If you play a stroke from the putting green, and the ball strikes the flagstick in the hole, you incur the general penalty.


  1. The term “club-length” refers to the length of the longest club (other than a putter) being carried by the player for the round.


  1. When taking relief by dropping a ball, you may drop the ball from any height.


  1. Before playing your ball in a bunker, you may remove loose impediments.



October 2018 Rules