October Rules Quiz

No hypotheticals this month! In this month’s quiz, see if you would have made the correct rulings for the following actual scenarios involving professional golfers that occurred over the past few weeks. Good luck!


  1. In one of the four-ball matches in the 2017 Presidents Cup at the Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City, NJ, the International side of Anirban Lahiri and Charl Schwartzel faced off against Charley Hoffman and Kevin Chappell of the USA. The USA side won the 2nd hole due, in part, to Lahiri playing a poor shot out of a greenside bunker. In an effort to restore his confidence in his sand play, Lahiri played a practice stroke out of the bunker after completion of the hole. The correct ruling is: (a) There was no penalty for practicing in the bunker in match play after completion of a hole. (b) For the 3rd hole, Schwartzel had to represent the International side by himself. (c) Both Lahiri and Schwartzel were disqualified from playing the 3rd hole. (d) Lahiri was assessed a two-stroke penalty to his score for the 3rd hole.
  2. Also during the Presidents Cup, in a four-ball match pitting the International side of Jason Day and Louie Oosthuizen against the USA side of Jordan Spieth and Patrick Reed, Oosthuizen attempted to chip in for eagle at the drivable 325-yard par-4 12th hole.   At the time, Day had been conceded a birdie, Reed a par, and Spieth was waiting to attempt a 12-foot birdie putt. Oosthuizen’s chip rolled well past the cup and, while the ball was still in motion, Spieth picked up Oosthuizen’s ball with his putter. In this case, (a) Spieth conceded Oosthuizen’s next stroke. (b) Either Spieth or Oosthuizen had to place Oosthuizen’s ball at the spot from which Spieth picked up the ball. (c) Spieth still had the opportunity to halve the hole by making his birdie putt. (d) The International side won the hole.


  1. After completing his first hole of the Web.com Tour’s Albertsons Boise Open held at the Hillcrest Country Club, Ben Crane noticed that there was a small sticker or decal on his driver. That sticker had been applied to the club in order to acquire data while using a launch monitor some time prior to his round.   He immediately advised a Rules Official, even though he had not yet used his driver in the round. A couple of holes later, he notified a Rules Official that there was a similar sticker on his 6-iron, although he had not yet used his 6-iron during the round. The next morning and to his credit, Crane admitted that he was aware of the sticker on his 6-iron when he first spoke to the Rules Official concerning the sticker on his driver. What is the ruling? (a) There is no penalty because a small sticker does not render a club non-conforming. (b) Even though the clubs were rendered non-conforming by the application of the decals, there was no penalty because Crane had not used the clubs during his round. However, Crane was required to declare those two clubs out of play. (c) Crane was permitted to use the driver and 6-iron, but he had to first remove the stickers. (d) Crane was disqualified.


  1. During the final round of the DAP Championship, Matthew Southgate was looking to make birdie at the par-4 15th hole of the Canterbury Golf Club outside of Cleveland, OH. However, when his ball was rolling toward the hole, a wind-blown leaf collided with his ball and knocked it off line. He tapped in, completed his round, and signed his score card writing down a 4 as his score for the 15th hole. Ultimately, Southgate’s score for the 15th hole was: (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 7 (e) 8.
October 2017 Rules