Only You

Question: What do a 1955 song by the Platters, Smokey the Bear, a 1994 movie starring Marisa Tomei, and Rule 20-2a [Dropping and Re-Dropping by Whom and Where] all have in common?


Answer: They all involve a restriction or limitation to one person, e.g., “only you.”


The Platters were one of the most popular American vocal groups during the early rock-and-roll era. From 1955 to 1967, they had four No. 1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, in addition to 36 other records that made the top 100. In 1955, “Only You (and You Alone)” was the Platters’ first hit record.Only1


Smokey the Bear (whose proper name is actually “Smokey Bear”) has been America’s advertising mascot for educating the public about the dangers of wildfires since 1944. His popular slogan, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires” was created in 1947 by the Advertising Council. In 2001, his slogan was updated to “Only YOU can prevent wildfires.”


“Only You” was a 1994 movie starring Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey, Jr. The plot is based on destiny and a woman’s use of a Ouija board to identify the name of her one true love.


When it comes to lifting a ball, Rule 20-1 [Lifting and Marking] limits the number of individuals who may lift the ball to three (3), i.e., the player, his partner, or another personOnly2authorized by the player.


When it comes to placing a ball, Rule 20-3 [Placing and Replacing] restricts the number of individuals who may place the ball to two (2), i.e., either the player or his partner. When it comes to replacing a ball, this same Rule says that the number of individuals who can replace a ball is three (3), i.e., the player, his partner, or the person who had lifted or moved the ball.


However, when it comes to dropping a ball, only one (1) person may drop the ball. If you are the player taking relief from some condition, e.g., a water hazard or an unplayable ball, and you are required to drop a ball, you and only you must drop the ball. Rule 20-2a [Dropping and Re-Dropping by Whom and Where] reads, in part, “A ball to be dropped under the Rules must be dropped by the player himself. He must stand erect, hold the ball at shoulder height and arm’s length and drop it. If a ball is dropped by any otherOnly3 person or in any other manner and the error is not corrected as provided in Rule 20-6, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke.” (Emphasis added).


Remember that, in threesomes and foursomes (alternate stroke) forms of play, when a side is required to drop a ball, the player who is next to play for his side is the one who must drop the ball.


Note that the number sequence “3-1-2-3” is a convenient way to remember the number of persons authorized by Rule 20 [Lifting, Dropping and Placing …] to take a ball out of play or put a ball into play. “3-1-2-3” relates to Lifting – Dropping – Placing – Replacing.

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