Pumpkin Pie Rules Quiz: Then & Now #9

Have you ever tried to devour an entire pumpkin pie in one sitting?  If so, you know that it’s not that easy! Well, here’s a no-calorie, True/False Rules quiz, with each question representing a slice of the pie.


Just like eating multiple slices of a pie, each successive question just might be a little more difficult to get through than the previous one.


See if you can you make it through this entire quiz without making any mistakes using the Rules of Golf effective January 1, 2019.  Bon appétit!



  1. There is no penalty if you tamp down spike marks on your line of play on the putting green.


  1. The term “club-length” means the length of any club that you select from your bag when measuring to take relief.


  1. Prior to lifting your ball to identify it, you must first announce your intention to someone in your group so that he or she has the opportunity to observe the lifting and replacement of the ball.


  1. If your original ball may be out of bounds or lost outside of a penalty area, you may play a provisional ball even after going forward a considerable distance (e.g., more than 50 yards) to search for your ball.


  1. In stroke play, if you fail to hole out on the last hole of the round, you will be disqualified if you fail to correct the mistake before leaving the putting green.


  1. If, while making a stroke with one of your 14 clubs during the round, the shaft of the club breaks, you may replace the club with another club.


  1. If you drop a ball and it embeds when taking relief from an embedded ball in a soft fairway, you are then permitted to take relief for an embedded ball.


  1. In a Foursomes (alternate shot) event, only the member of the side whose turn it is to play may drop a ball when dropping is required by a Rule.


November 2018 Rules