April Rules Quiz Answers: Happy Easter!

Answers:  Happy Easter!


  1. (d) The Cadbury eggs are artificial objects and thus are obstructions. Moreover, they are movable obstructions because they can be removed without unreasonable effort. Rule 24-1b [Movable Obstruction] states, in part, “If the ball lies in or on the obstruction, the ball may be lifted and the obstruction removed. The ball must through the green … be dropped … as near as possible to the spot directly under the place where the ball lay in or on the obstruction, but not nearer the hole.


  1. (b) The Definition of “Stroke” states, “A stroke is the forward movement of the club made with the intention of striking at and moving the ball ….” Since the plastic egg is not a ball, you have not made a stroke and you have not played a wrong ball. Per Rule 27-1c [Ball Not Found Within Five Minutes], you have three minutes remaining to find your ball.


  1. (d) Rule 24-1a [Movable Obstruction] is the applicable Rule since the plastic egg is a movable obstruction and your ball is not laying on the egg. This Rule states, in part, “If the ball does not lie in or on the obstruction, the obstruction may be removed. If the ball moves, it must be replaced, and there is no penalty, provided that the movement of the ball is directly attributable to the removal of the obstruction.”


  1. (c) By Definition, an “abnormal ground condition” is any casual water, ground under repair or hole, cast or runway on the course made by a burrowing animal, a reptile or a bird. Rule 25-1c [Ball in Abnormal Ground Condition Not Found] states, in part, “If it is known or virtually certain that a ball that has not been found is in an abnormal ground condition, the player may take relief under this Rule. If he elects to do so, the spot where the ball last crossed the outermost limits of the abnormal ground condition must be determined and, for the purpose of applying this Rule, the ball is deemed to lie at this spot.


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