Rule Tip of the Week: April Fool?

In this quiz, see if you can determine which players are the “fools” for not knowing the Rules.






  1.  A player assumes that he has the option of dropping his ball on either side of a cart path because his ball has come to rest exactly in the middle of the immovable obstruction. He is right-handed and, rather than dropping behind a bush to the left of the cart path, he elects to drop to the right of the cart path so that he will have an unobstructed approach shot.


  1. On a hole that parallels the driving range, a player finds several balls in the rough near her ball. While waiting for the green to clear, the player goes through her normal pre-shot routine in the process of pitching each of the range balls towards a target flag on the range.


  1. A player sees a ball up in a tree, and assumes that the ball is his. He deems the ball unplayable and drops a ball within two club-lengths of, and no nearer the hole than, the point on the ground directly below the place where the ball lay in the tree.


  1. A player’s ball comes to rest against a flagstick. He carelessly moves the flagstick such that the ball, instead of falling into the hole, ends up about six inches from the hole. The player then putts his ball into the hole from that point.


  1. A player’s ball comes to rest near the front of a long fairway bunker. On the way to her ball, and for the sole purpose of caring for the course, she rakes smooth several footprints, and then reaches down to remove a few pine cones from the bunker.


  1. A player’s ball comes to rest in the fringe of the putting green just a few inches in front of the ball of a fellow-competitor. Since the player knows that his ball will be interfering with the play of his fellow-competitor, the player goes ahead before the fellow-competitor says anything, and marks and lifts his ball, setting it aside without cleaning it.




April 2017 Rules