Rule Tip of the Week: Happy Easter!

In this month’s quiz, some children got a little carried away with their Easter egg hunt, leaving several plastic and chocolate eggs on the golf course beyond their backyard. See if you know what to do in the following situations:



  1. Your ball comes to rest on top of three Cadbury caramel eggs. In this situation, you may, without penalty: (a) play the ball as it lies. (b) determine the nearest point of relief, and then drop your ball within one club-length of, and not nearer the hole than, that point. (c) remove the eggs and drop your ball as near as possible to the spot directly under the place where the ball lay on the eggs, but not nearer the hole. (d) both (a) and (c) are correct.


  1. You are playing a yellow ball and your drive ends up in heavy rough. After a two-minute search, you see what you believe is your ball and you make a swing at it only to discover that it is a plastic egg which splits into two pieces. In this situation, you: (a) are penalized for playing a wrong ball. (b) have three minutes to find your ball. (c) must count your stroke and place a ball at the spot where the largest piece of the plastic egg came to rest.


  1. Your ball comes to rest against a plastic Easter egg in the rough. In this situation, you: (a) must play the ball as it lies without lifting the egg. (b) may remove the egg provided you can do so without causing your ball to move. (c) may remove the egg and, if your ball moves, you must play the ball from its new location. (d) may remove the egg and, if your ball moves, you must replace your ball.


  1. A member of the greenkeeping staff sees your approach shot fly straight into a rabbit’s (the Easter bunny’s, perhaps?) hole in a bunker. You are unable to see your ball in the burrowing animal hole. Thus, you: (a) may drop a ball anywhere on the line of flight of the ball, but the ball must be dropped within the bunker. (b) must proceed under penalty of stroke and distance because your ball is lost. (c) may determine the nearest point of relief in the bunker, and drop a ball in the bunker within one club-length of and not nearer the hole than the nearest point of relief.


April 2017 Rules