Rule Tip of the Week: March Madness?

Hey, it’s “March Madness” time again! No, not the NCAA basketball tournaments that take place this time of year, but rather the fact that you are probably going mad trying to figure out the correct answers to the annual quiz issued by the Metropolitan Golf Association. The MGA issues its diabolical 25-question quiz in early-February, and the answers in mid-March. Here are some excerpts from this year’s MGA quiz which can be found at




  1. A competitor is about to tee off. As he begins his downswing, the ball is deflected off the tee by a wayward shot from an adjacent fairway. The competitor completes his swing. What is the ruling?

(a) The stroke doesn’t count and the ball should be replaced. (b) The stroke doesn’t count and the ball should be played as it lies.

(c) The stroke counts and the ball should be replaced. (d) The stroke counts and the ball should be played as it lies.

  1. In stroke play, Player A hits his tee shot, finds a ball he assumes to be his and plays that ball which ends up slightly closer to the hole than Player B’s second shot. As B is preparing to play his third shot, A asks him what club he used to play his second shot. A then realizes he has played a wrong ball. A returns to the area from which he played the wrong ball, finds his original ball after a one minute search, and plays the original ball into the hole in four more strokes. A’s score for the hole is: (a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9.
  1. On a sunny day, a competitor, who forgot to bring a hat, borrows one from a fellow-competitor. The weather turns cloudy and on the par-3 16th putting green, the competitor removes the hat and leaves it next to the fellow-competitor’s golf bag which is near the putting green in deep rough. The competitor sculls his second shot and his ball strikes the golf hat and ends up on its brim. Seeking to avoid the deep rough, the competitor plays the ball from the brim onto the putting green and then holes the following putt. His score for the 16th hole is: (a) 4 (b) 5 (c) 6 (d) 7.
  1. A and B are partners in a four-ball stroke play competition. B marks A’s ball which lies two on the putting green and sets it aside without A’s knowledge. A arrives at the putting green and marks his ball, lifts it, cleans it and replaces it. He then putts the ball. B stops A’s ball, tosses it back to him and points out where he had marked A’s ball. A places his ball at the mark and holes out in two strokes. What is A’s score for the hole? (a) A is disqualified from the hole. (b) 7 (c) 9 (d) 11.




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