Rule Tip of the Week: Trick or Treat Quiz

Here’s something for you to work on after this Halloween while you are sitting in your Lay-Z-Boy munching on all of your surplus “trick or treat” candy. See if you can identify the “trick” (incorrect) statements versus the “treat” (correct) statements in the following Rules situations:

  1. You may position your caddie so that the sun is not bothering you while you play a stroke.
  2. You may always remove a loose impediment from the putting green.
  3. Once you have played two or more strokes with a provisional ball, you must continue play with the provisional ball.
  4. Having putted your ball on the putting green, you must cancel and replay the stroke if your ball is deflected by a worm crawling across the green.
  5. If there is no Local Rule allowing the use of distance-measuring devices, you will not be disqualified the first time you use such a device during your stipulated round.
  6. If your ball comes to rest on the red line of a lateral water hazard, but there is interference to your stance outside the hazard by a burrowing animal hole, you may take relief without penalty from the burrowing animal hole.
October 2017 Rules