September Rules Quiz: Odd One Out

In this quiz, see if you can identify the “odd one out” in each of the following groups of four penalty-related situations:


  1. (a) Instead of dropping your ball when taking relief from a sprinkler head in the fairway, you place the ball before making your next stroke.(b) You proceed correctly in taking relief from a water hazard. (c) You play a wrong ball.  (d) On the putting green, you mistakenly substitute and play another ball.


  1. (a) While addressing your ball in a water hazard, your club touches the water in the hazard.(b) While addressing your ball in a bunker, your club touches a leaf in the bunker. (c) You play a stroke with a non-conforming club. (d) During your stipulated round, you comment to a fellow-competitor that his putting tempo is too slow.


  1. (a) You use your driver after applying Vaseline to the face of the club in order to reduce the spin rate of the ball and thereby increase distance.(b) While walking down the first fairway, you and the other two fellow-competitors in your group agree to repair spike marks on the putting greens during your stipulated round, knowing that repairing spike marks is against the Rules.  (c) You deem your ball unplayable in a bunker and, instead of dropping a ball within the bunker or going back 200 yards to where you last played, you drop a ball just outside of the bunker.  (d) At the end of your round, you discover that you have been carrying 16 clubs in your bag!


  1. (a) In the process of determining that your ball is not unfit for play, you neglect to mark your ball before lifting it, you fail to give any of your fellow-competitors the opportunity to inspect the ball, and you clean the ball.(b) You find that your ball has come to rest out of bounds.  (c) You cause your ball in the rough to move by making a practice swing, but you then replace your ball.  (d) With no Local Rule in place regarding preferred lies, you nevertheless lift your ball to clean off some mud before replacing your ball in the fairway.




September 2018 Rules