September Rules Quiz

In this quiz, see if you can identify the “odd one out” in each of the following groups of four penalty-related situations:


  1.  (a) Unplayable ball. (b) Playing from outside the teeing ground when beginning play of a hole. (c) Replacing your ball after accidentally moving your ball in play in the rough. (d) Taking relief from a water hazard.


  1. (a) Carrying in excess of 14 clubs. (b) Having more than one caddie. (c) Carrying, but not using, a non-conforming club. (d) Applying foreign material to the face of the club for the purpose of influencing the movement of the club.
  2. In stroke play, (a) failing to hole out; (b) playing a wrong ball; (c) playing from outside the teeing ground; (d) failing to sign the score card.
  1. In match play, (a) playing a wrong ball; (b) moving your opponent’s ball at rest, other than during search; (c) striking the ball more than once; (d) ball lost or out of bounds.


September 2017 Rules