Super Bowl 51 “Foursome” Quiz

While in Houston during the week leading up to Super Bowl LI, Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady, and wide receiver, Julian Edelman, challenge Falcons’ quarterback, Matt Ryan, and wide receiver, Julio Jones, to a foursome (i.e., alternate shot) stroke play competition. The players determine in advance that they will all play from the “white” tees; the quarterback will tee off for his side on the odd-numbered holes; and the wide receiver will do the same on the even-numbered holes. See how well you do as the referee in rendering the correct rulings without the benefit of instant replay!


  1. Having the honor at the 1st hole, but forgetting that they are playing in a foursome competition, Ryan drives and then Jones drives. What is the ruling? (a) Side Ryan-Jones may decide which ball they want to play into the hole with no penalty. (b) Since Ryan was assigned to drive from the 1st tee, they must continue play with his ball, but with a two-stroke penalty. (c) Jones’ ball is the side’s ball in play and is lying 3. (d) Ryan’s ball is the side’s ball in play and is lying 1.
  1. At the 5th hole, Brady sends his drive into a lateral water hazard. Instead of retrieving his ball from the hazard, he grabs another ball from his bag and drops it pursuant to Rule 26-1c, i.e., within two club-lengths of, and no nearer the hole than, the point where his original ball last crossed the margin of the hazard. Edelman then plays a fantastic approach shot to the green, after which Brady putts the ball into the hole. What is their score for this hole? (a) 3 (b) 4 (c) 5 (d) 6 (e) they are disqualified.
  1. At the 8th hole, where it will be Jones to play first for Side Ryan-Jones, Ryan, who had just missed a short putt on the 7th green, tells Jones to go ahead while he (Ryan) works on his putting stroke for a couple of minutes. As it turns out, Ryan makes a practice putt after Jones plays from the 8th teeing ground. What is the ruling? (a) Side Ryan-Jones is penalized one stroke and the penalty is added to their score for the 7th hole. (b) Side Ryan-Jones is penalized two strokes, and the penalty is added to their score for the 8th hole. (c) There is no penalty as practice putting is permitted on or near the putting green of the hole last played. (d) The side is disqualified.
  1. Brady, whose turn it is to play from the 9th tee for his side, mistakenly drives from the wrong teeing ground, i.e., from the “blue” tees instead of the “white” tees. Edelman then drives from within the correct teeing ground. What is the ruling? (a) Side Brady-Edelman incurs a two-stroke penalty, and must play out the hole with Edelman’s drive. (b) The side incurs a two-stroke penalty and Brady must play from the correct teeing ground to begin play of the hole. (c) Brady must play from the correct teeing ground, and he will be playing the fifth stroke for his side. (d) Side Brady-Edelman incurs a one-stroke penalty, and must play out the hole with Edelman’s drive.
  1. On the par-5 11th hole, Jones plays a wayward fairway shot that may be out of bounds. If Side Ryan-Jones wants to play a provisional ball? (a) Ryan (b) Jones.
  1. At the 16th hole, Jones drives from the tee and his ball ends up in a fairway bunker. Ryan fails to extricate the ball from the bunker and slams his club down into the sand before playing the ball into a greenside bunker. Before playing the next stroke, Jones takes a couple of practice swings in the bunker, touching the sand with his club each time. He then successfully plays the ball onto the green, and Ryan putts it into the hole before playing from the next teeing ground. What is the score/ruling for the hole? (a) 7 (b) 8 (c) 9 (d) 10 (e) 11 (f) the side is disqualified.


January 2017 Rules